Wendy and Steve
Steve Torres
Back Blue Sign

When the Back The Blue signs in my family's yard were stolen and defaced for a second time, a stranger I'd never met, whose name I'd never heard, reached out with an incredible offer.


He said he'd make me a new sign. Something a little more permanent, he told me.


I was curious, of course, and had no idea what he was up to.


Little did I know Steven Torre was a metalsmith. Until we met in a Greentree parking lot and dodged raindrops for his Big Reveal.




It weighs 40 pounds and is pure Back the Blue metal AWESOMENESS. And when this bad boy lights up as the sun goes down, there is no mistaking my family's feelings about Law Enforcement.

Thank you Steve! You are a patriot and now... a friend. I am honored by your skill and generosity.


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We want to thank all who showed support for Wendy Bell Radio's live broadcast on Friday, October 30 at Mogie's Irish Pub. You are amazing!

We love Fontana's Cafe! Our live broadcast on Friday, October 23 was the best and thank you to all who came out to show support for conservatism!

Fontana's Cafe
Wendy at Fontana's Cafe
Fontana's Cafe

Thank you all for supporting me at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant on Monday, October 19, 2020! We had an amazing broadcast talking with GOP congressional candidates Sean Parnell and Luke Negron For Congress!

Wendy, Sean Parnell, Luke Negron